Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strange Love

This is Mr. Rochester.  To you he may look ugly and old, but he's my knight in shining (laundry room) armor.

Don't let the 'harvest gold' graphics, simple knob and button, or small door deceive you.  He wears his colors indifferently, with an 'I-am-what-I-am' attitude.  He doesn't try to impress me with silly talk of 'steam drying' or 'wrinkle control'.  And though his door is small, let me assure you, what's lurking behind it is anything but.

Yes, my fellow hausfrau friends, Mr. Rochester may not be as sleek and sexy on the outside as the newer models lurking in many of your laundry rooms these days, but he's never ceased to give me exactly what I need, and then some.  And after a failed, lukewarm relationship with an LG whose name I've already forgotten, Mr. Rochester's hot and fast abilities have me feeling the need to sing his praises.


Nicole said...

i can relate. though not as metaphorically as you.

Momma Em said...

I can certainly relate! I got my washer and dryer for only $75 and they work great! Guess now I'll have to think of names for them.